Pregnancy After The NICU Stickers

Many families who experience the NICU, do so in different ways. Not every baby is born prematurely, term babies can need neonatal care too. Which is why we created these dedicated printable  ‘Pregnancy After The NICU’ stickers which are for those families who had time on the neonatal unit with their full term baby. 

The stickers are a great way for mums to write about their last pregnancy and neonatal stay and any key details they’d like including, there’s dedicated space to allow families to do this. All professionals the family comes in to contact with will be clearly alerted to their previous experience, making the process much less stressful as they don’t need to explain their journey each time they’re seen.

If you’d like to use these, all you need to do is save the picture to your computer and print it off. We advise you adjust the printer settings to print this at either 4 x 6 inches or 3.5 x 5 inches. Once printed, write your details on there and use Sellotape to stick it down to your notes.

We hope these help you on your journey.

All our love,

Leo’s x



Facts & Figures

79% of parents said a neonatal stay affected their mental health

Leo’s saw a 337% increase in need due to COVID-19

Did you know, reading to your baby in the NICU helps their development?

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