“When the nurse asked me if I wanted counselling, I remember thinking ‘I don’t need counselling, there’s nothing wrong with me.’ But, she knew I needed it, and she knew what was coming.”

We recognise that sometimes, events can happen around pregnancy and childbirth that are out of our control. Our sole aim is to provide support and guidance to help families come to terms with, and cope with these challenging situations.

We know that having your baby admitted to a neonatal unit can be unexpected and traumatic, everything you had hoped for with your pregnancy and birth, has changed dramatically, and for many families, their baby may be very sick.

We offer support and a safe space to explore thoughts, feelings and emotions around pre-natal conditions, problems that occur at birth as well as conditions that develop post birth.

We know the impact that this can have on not just parents, but on the wider family too, as they adjust to new and evolving circumstances, or are experiencing grief due to loss of life.

If you’d like to talk to our dedicated counsellor Karen you can refer yourself via our online form here.


Facts & Figures

79% of parents said a neonatal stay affected their mental health

Leo’s saw a 337% increase in need due to COVID-19

Did you know, reading to your baby in the NICU helps their development?

Leo's Neonatal

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