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Creating a safe place of support is incredibly important to us at Leo’s. A place where NICU families can express their worries, their anxieties, their joy and celebrate those all-important milestones, where everyone has a level of understanding of just how hard life in the NICU can be.

Mums, dads and even grandparents can benefit directly from advice and support given to them by those who have been there. We know that this level of support and understanding is crucial to ensuring parents are engaged and cared for as much as possible during what can only be described as an incredibly turbulent time.

Being on the neonatal unit can be a very isolating and lonely time, with many parents not feeling confident enough to speak to each other on the ward or in the main family room. Having access to a buddy group online allows a level of comfortable distance for parents to be open and honest about their feelings without directly involving one person and placing a huge level of trust in them with their emotions.

Our vision is to reduce parental anxiety, boost bonding between not only parents and baby, but also between staff and parents.

Which is why we’re setting up our very own buddy group. Our dedicated team of parents on both our trustee board, and parent advisory board, along with our trustee and Neonatal Sister, Claire Campbell have worked to set up a model which is made for parents and managed by parents.

The closed group is housed on our Facebook page and is for parents in the Teesside region who have been on neonatal units. There’s no time limit, if you left 10 years ago and you’d like some support, we’d love to have you!

We’ll be working on arranging get-togethers for parents, day trips and more!

Key Benefits:

·         Promotes positive parent and baby relationships

·         Allows parents to feel supported

·         Reduces anxiety

·         Creates a safe space

·         Builds friendships

Facts & Figures

Did you know, a ventilator costs on average £25,000

Did you know, reading to your baby in the NICU helps their development?

It costs £505 a day to care for a baby in SCBU

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