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14th August 2019

So today is my first day of my running blog!!
I’m Andrea I’m a volunteer for Leo’s and mum to twin boys Ted and Oscar 3 1/2yrs old.
Ted and Oscar were born at 28+2 weeks gestation at JCUH and cared for there for 9 and 1/2 weeks. I have decided to run the Middlesbrough 10k on Sunday September 1st, to raise money and awareness for Leo’s and I was asked if I would do a blog.
I’m now in to my 5th full week of training and am getting stronger and more able each week although it’s as tough each time as the last run.

Saturday August 10th
So, today is my 4th official park run but my actual 5th. It’s wet and windy but bright, so the thought of getting wet before I even start this morning doesn’t enthuse me, but it could be like this on 10k day!

Today is our cake sale, so I’m hoping the weather is kind or else I’ll have 100+ cakes to eat this week- guess there’s worse things to happen.

So, it didn’t rain for the run this morning and we sold most of our cakes! We sold £86 worth of cake so happy days!
Today I made a personal 5k best time of 30.40mins so I’m feeling super happy!!

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