#MeetTheCubs – Indie Rose

21st June 2022

Meet the adorable Indie-Rose who recently modelled for our Tiny Bubbles x Leo’s clothing range.

Proud mum Jen told us all about Indie’s journey….

“Indie was born naturally at 38 plus 6 weeks I had a lovely water birth and everything was just how we planned.

When Indie first came out she needed a little help but nothing further indie was born at 10.20pm on 26th May 2019.

14 hours after labour we became concerned as Indie hadn’t really fed.

Indie then received the usual checks before discharge and we were waiting to be told they were clear to go home, at this time she began showing signs of hiccups and small jerking which a doctor came to assess .

From that moment on our lives were turned upside down and we began our neonatal journey

The doctor on shift quickly informed neonatal staff and we were quickly admitted to the ward, unbeknown the cause or what was even happening to our beautiful little girl. Indie then underwent investigations, having a lumbar puncture, bloods and other numerous tests.

She was given IV fluids and medications and oxygen, she was pretty much sedated while they found out what was actually going on .

After a day or two we found that Indie was having seizures but the cause was still unknown, we went for MRI scan and other tests were taken from myself to see if it was linked to me, as I was Group B Strep positive throughout my pregnancy, however I was treat for this with antibiotics during my labour.

The MRI scan showed that Indie had suffered a Stroke in my womb , infarction: middle cerebral artery (stroke), this shows an infarct in the left posterior perinatal region which is known as the Watershed region.

The ageing is up to a week old , which was devastating news and something I never even knew could happen . When seeing the damage on the scan of Indie’s brain, it was clear we wouldn’t know how or if she would develop and the doctors couldn’t give us answers either.

She initially began tube feeding and then quite quickly learnt to demand bottle feed, Indie was assessed by Speech and Language Team on the ward and they were happy with her swallow, and she was assessed by Physios and we were given exercises to do with Indie throughout her development.

Although we have no answers as to why this happened, we have worked hard with Physio and Speech and Language and mainly between ourselves and research to help Indie develop and understand.

They say the right side of the brain can compensate for the parts that are damaged but you will only see this with how the child develops and we truly have, it’s just amazing what the brain can do and what you can achieve when you set your mind to it.

The Neonatal staff and teams gave the best support and care to us all during our stay and after they are our very own little family. Each time Indie has an appointment they are so overwhelmed at how she is developing it’s an amazing feeling. I can’t even explain how it feels to reach every milestone and developmental stage knowing we may not have been so lucky. Indie is our special rainbow baby now totally thriving and loving life as normal as possible, slow and steady wins the race.

Although she is at risk of Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy, at this moment in time she is thriving and we couldn’t be more proud. If you told me then what I know now I wouldn’t of even considered believing it.”

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