Supporter Promise

You donate. You make a difference. You change a life.

We know those who donate to Leo’s will be giving for heartfelt reasons, which is why we want you to know we have a dedicated supporter promise in place to ensure your money makes the difference it should.

  • Our families are at the heart of everything we do, which is why we’ll keep you up to date with where your money and support goes and the difference you’re making. Follow us on Facebook, keep up to date on our website or with our e-newsletters.
  • If you’ve asked us to contact you, or we’ve arranged to speak to you, we will always make sure this is done at an appropriate time for you.
  • We will never share your details with external organisations or other charities. You can read our Information Governance Policy here.
  • We are registered with the Fundraising Regulator meaning we are governed by the Code of Fundraising Practice and the Fundraising Promise set out by the organisation.

Together we can better support families who face preterm and traumatic births, the neonatal journey and beyond. Together we can make a difference.

Facts & Figures

Did you know, reading to your baby in the NICU helps their development?

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