Batten down the hatches

19th July 2018

Death wasn’t something I had prepared for or had even thought would happen to him.

I couldn’t face anyone, I couldn’t text my friends, I couldn’t phone people.

I had no good ‘new baby’ news to share and O’s life was still uncertain.

So, I battened down my hatches.

I shut everyone out.

Not because they couldn’t help me.

Because I couldn’t face explaining to people what had gone on.

And this was where I saw just how truly remarkable my friends and family were and continue to be.

They out did themselves.

They took my rough with the smooth.

They accepted I wasn’t ready to face facts or talk about things.

They knew I wasn’t ok and that I wasn’t going to be myself and supported the fact I was snappy or couldn’t talk to them for weeks on end.

People picked up the slack for me.

They picked me up.

These people – my family and friends – are nothing short of amazing.

Leo's Neonatal

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