NNeTS transferred 419 babies across and in to the region last year – that’s enough to fill two primary schools.


Often, when babies are born too sick or too early, they may be in a hospital which can’t offer the level of support they need, or the neonatal unit is full, and they need to be transferred to another hospital.

This is where the incredible Northern Neonatal Transport Service also known as NNeTS come in.

Their job is to safely move babies across the region for various reasons, such as: A baby born in a hospital with no neonatal intensive care unit who needs to be transferred, a baby who needs surgery at the Royal Victoria Infirmary or The Freeman in Newcastle or babies who need to be transferred closer to home once they’re better.

The team is fully staffed with dedicated Specialist Transport Nurses and 24-hour access to advice from a Consultant Neonatologist.  When the sickest babies need moving, doctors trained in neonatal medicine and neonatal nurses will transfer the baby and give on route intensive care treatment.

Their home is on Ward 35 (SCBU) at the RVI in Newcastle, but they travel as far up as Whitehaven, across to Berwick and down to Teesside.

We are delighted to have the NNeTs team as part of the Leo’s family!

Facts & Figures

Did you know, a specialist transport kit costs between £22,000 and £36,000?

Last year, 3,499 babies needed specialist neonatal care across the North East

Last year, the Northern Neonatal Transport Team, transferred 419 babies across and in to the region – that’s enough to fill two primary schools.

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