Mission Statement


We believe that every parent who endures a premature or traumatic birth and an admission to the neonatal unit deserves care and support.

We believe those who care for us on our darkest days and look after our precious children need care and support too.

We know the neonatal journey doesn’t end when you walk out of those double doors. Some will have the devastation of leaving the unit without their baby to take home; others may have to spend months on the NICU. Regardless of the outcome, we’ll be there.

We’ll be there if you need us during your pregnancy, we’ll be there on your neonatal unit journey, and we’ll be there for the months and years to come afterwards. We know having a sick or premature baby doesn’t just begin when you walk on to the neonatal unit, nor does it end when you go home. It’s much bigger, which is why Leo’s was set up to care for those who walk this journey.

We have one clear mission, and that is to support and care as much as we can, and to innovate and create new care pathways.



Our Values

High Quality Care: We have a board of dedicated parents, psychotherapists, consultants, nurses, midwives and more with the sole aim of improving support around preterm and traumatic births, neonatal admissions and life after discharge.


Raise awareness: In the North East alone, more than 3,000 babies a year needed specialist neonatal care. We aim to raise awareness of prematurity, term babies needing NICU care, the effects on mental health and much more by creating dedicated and engaging campaigns.


Grow our reputation as a trusted voice: Leo’s combines parents with passionate clinicians to allow us to work together to improve outcomes. We will be a voice for families and staff who are on the neonatal journey, taking experiences to build a better future. Working within the North East, we will actively campaign with our local MPs, other neonatal charities, hospital trusts and the Northern Neonatal Network, leading relevant conversations and making key changes.


Develop core teams: Many parents who have been on a neonatal unit wish they had someone to talk to who really understood what they were going through. To do that, we’ll be building a team of dedicated parent peer support volunteers who can offer that comfort to parents within the region through on unit support, meet ups and online support.

Facts & Figures

1 in 10 dads suffer Post Natal Depression

Did you know, a specialist transport kit costs between £22,000 and £36,000?

Last year, the Northern Neonatal Transport Team, transferred 419 babies across and in to the region – that’s enough to fill two primary schools.

Leo's Neonatal

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