Kat Carruthers, Allied Health Professional Lead

As a mother of two children, one of whom was born premature at 27 weeks, I am understanding of life in the NICU and some of the challenges and fears that parents face from early labour, transitioning home and additional needs as children approach school. I have personal experience of how difficult feelings may continue and re-surface during future pregnancies.

Professionally, I am a paediatric occupational therapist alongside my role as creative director of CARRO Studio. I am in the process of completing a doctoral research degree (PhD) at Teesside University investigating the lived experiences of parents within neonatal units and the role of occupational therapy in the NICU.

I have additional training in areas including the NICU, paediatrics and developmental care including the neonatal online education programme (NOLE), alert programme, sensory integration, sensory babies and am an accredited listening programme provider. I am developing an online paediatric therapy resource for parents and professionals in hope of improving long term outcomes for children and their families.


Facts & Figures

79% of parents said a neonatal stay affected their mental health

Leo’s saw a 337% increase in need due to COVID-19

Did you know, reading to your baby in the NICU helps their development?

Leo's Neonatal

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