Rebecca Robinson, Parent Advisor

Hey, I’m Rebecca and I’m a mam of 4 boys. Two of my boys were term and my twins were born at 27 weeks 6 days gestation.

I have Joe who is 7, Harry and Aaron who are 3 and Ben who is 18 months. 

Harry and Aaron spent just short of 4 months in hospital. Aaron had a slightly shorter stay, although he was born 12 weeks early he did anazingly well. With Harry we suffered some major setbacks within his first 6 weeks we were faced with meningitis, sepsis ( resulting in Harry going into septic shock) and full blown pneumonia of every part of his lungs.

He overcame it all amazingly, both boys came home with oxygen but we managed to get Aaron off after 8 weeks.

Harry still suffers with respiratory problems and still has his home oxygen.

I found the Neonatal journey ok, it wasn’t  great but not as bad as I think I had expected,we had hard days really hard ones, but leaving the unit, I expected it all to be plain sailing and this wasnt the case. This is what hit me the most and this is what I struggled with massively. 

I am incredibly lucky and I have met amazing people through my nicu journey! My boys drive me mad, they keep me busy as they’re like a massive whirlwind constantly but there our life and we wouldn’t swap them for the world.

Facts & Figures

79% of parents said a neonatal stay affected their mental health

Leo’s saw a 337% increase in need due to COVID-19

Did you know, reading to your baby in the NICU helps their development?

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