Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you help?

We work in the North East of England to help families who go through the neonatal journey. We work with Teesside’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at James Cook University Hospital, we work with midwives and the Delivery Suite at North Tees Hospital, we work with the Northern Neonatal Transport Service, and over the next several years we aim to expand our reach to give continuity of care to both families and staff in the region.

Our website is a hub of information, videos, interviews, blogs and assets which we hope will help people wherever they are in the world. We believe everyone who walks this journey needs support, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, it’s still an immensely traumatising time for families and if reading our blogs, watching a video or using our stickers helps, then we’ve done our job.

As we physically can’t be everywhere at once (although we wish we could!), we decided our website would house support for families and staff in various forms.

We’re working within the community in the North East to help care for families once they’re home from the units we support, and those we don’t. We know that parents can feel so very isolated, worried and overwhelmed when they get home – it’s something we’re really trying to combat and provide better outcomes.

Can I get help online?

Yes, you can!

Every Wednesday we host #NICUHour on Twitter. Between 8pm and 9pm, we discuss different themes around neonatal care (e.g. admissions, siblings, FiCare etc), everyone from professionals to parents join in, share experiences, learn new ways to support and more. We’re a friendly bunch and we love hosting.

So, if you’d like to join in the chatter, or simply search the hashtag and watch from the side-lines, we hope it helps you as much as it can.

We have a dedicated closed Facebook group for families who have been or are currently on neonatal units within the North East Region. The group is there to support, offer an ear when someone needs to talk, and share journeys together.

We’re also working on a dedicated email support programme which is aimed at families who aren’t comfortable with one-to-one peer support on the units we work with, aren’t happy sharing on Facebook within our group but need someone to talk to. We know writing can help parents deal with their journey, and this is one of the ways we plan to help.


Who forms your knowledge base?

We pride ourselves on having a highly-skilled diverse board to help us create not only compassionate work, but correct work too.

With professions on both our trustee board and advisory board spanning, midwifery, neonates, nursing, paediatrics, occupational health, counselling, wellbeing, bereavement, obstetrics, neonatal palliative care, PR & events, charity governance, law, project management and much more, we want you to know that making sure we do things properly and in the best interests of families and staff is at the heart of everything we do.

We work with parents who have had different experiences to find new ways to help, and in those areas that have little to no support, creating ways in which we can make things better.

Our mission is to continue to grow and educate to make the neonatal journey as supported as it can be.

You can read all about our team here .

How can I get involved?

There are many ways in which you can help us here at Leo’s!


1.    If you’ve been on a neonatal unit in the North East of England and you’d like to offer peer support to families currently on a neonatal unit, you can do so here.

2.    If you’ve suffered the devastating loss of your child whilst on a neonatal unit in the North East of England and you’d like to support a bereaved family, you can do so here.

3.    If you’d like to help us out at events, in the community and more, you can sign up here


We aren’t government funded which means every penny we get is invested back in to the families we support. You can help us raise money in many ways!

1.    Hold an event. You can get plenty of inspiration here

2.    Join us at one of our events, find out what we’ve got coming up, here

3.    Make a donation. You can choose to make a monthly or one-off donation here


Like and Share

We love our social media channels and we’d love your help spreading the word about what we do. It’s really simple, if you see something we’re doing that you like, give it a like and share it, retweet it or repost it. However you want to do it, we’ll be over the moon that you did.

Raise Awareness

We driven to raising awareness about neonatal care, preterm births, prematurity, term baby admissions to the NICU, neonatal death and more but we can’t do it alone. This is why we need YOU to help us raise awareness.

Whether you want to share your story on our website, support us with your experience during a specific campaign or help us reach new audiences we’d love to have you join the family.



Facts & Figures

Did you know, reading to your baby in the NICU helps their development?

1 in 10 dads suffer Post Natal Depression

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